Cherbourg, October 18, 1909

Up at 4:30 a.m., a hasty breakfast, a ride in the hotel bus, and we leave terra firma, not to stand upon it for some days to come. The tug took us to the Barbarossa, and we were glad to see so many familiar faces and our old cabin.

No flowers this time except a bouquet of violets and a button hole bouquet for Emily, around which we tied the same ribbons which you had on the one given us when we left New York, seven months ago. What a long time to stay away from home and how short it seems now when we have come to the end of our pleasure trip.

Dock by the Warehouse.

We got underway about 7 o’clock and, by noon, we had made 57 miles. The weather was fair, and we fell into the old way of spending our time without much trouble. There are not many passengers in the first, only about 50, but there are nearly 300 in the second, and they are very crowded.

Toward evening, we counted some 14 steamers on the horizon line, and we saw the last of the coast of England. Had a fine sunset.



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