Barbarossa, October 21, 1909

Up at 8 o’clock. Raining, sea very rough so that we could not walk around, waves dashing over the side of the ship and drenching the second cabin passengers. Steerage are kept penned up; must be dreadful for them as it is bad enough for us. No change, by noon we had covered 253 miles.

Worse in the evening, so that we could not go down to dinner, but, as we have a table to ourselves and a waiter for us, he set that table upstairs and served us there. Things kept sliding off the table, and we had a hard time eating.

Mama is well and in good spirits, Papa never felt better, feels like a duck in water and smokes his three cigars a day with enjoyment, ditto meals. Emily still under the weather and wishes to see the next station as soon as possible.

Early to bed. As our cabin is quiet, very little of the motion is felt there, and we work so hard during the day that we welcome night to rest and sleep and forget.

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