Barbarossa, October 22, 1909

Sea quiet when we arose, and sun trying his best to come out and cheer us, but gave it up for a bad job. By noon, we had covered 201 miles only. In the afternoon, rain set in, and things looked wet and gloomy. Called on Elizabeth and brought her upstairs for a change as the Herr Ober had given me permission.

The Hamburg steamer, Blucher, over took and passed us. It is a faster boat than ours. We do not put on any extra style for dinner as we sit outside as much as possible, and we go in and down when the last bugle calls. We sit at table for one and a quarter hour and let those of the courses pass by for which we have no appetite. In the meanwhile, the band discourse is sweet music, and we sit and talk.

We occupy the same table at which we sat on our last trip, and we people it with former occupants. Miss Moran and Grace, Mr. and Mrs. Wegman, and his father Professor Golding, and we three enjoyed many an hour together on our last trip. By sitting at this table all to ourselves, we enjoy many advantages. We did not venture out after dinner and went to bed at a comparatively early hour.


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