Barbarossa, October 23, 1909

This has been a glorious day, and the sick have arisen. The sea is still rough, but the sun shining puts a bright aspect on things all around. The young people are playing games, and everybody takes a walk on the promenade deck. Even the solitary young man, who has been sitting all day in his chair and who has had his meals brought to him on deck, arose today and showed up at dinner. By noon, we had covered 303 miles, which is 100 better than yesterday.

In the afternoon, the sea became so quiet that you could hardly feel any motion of the ship. We enjoyed our dinner very much, and all three of us had changed clothes and dressed for the occasion. After dinner it, it grew cold and windy, so we stayed indoors.

The young people dressed for a masquerade without masks. Two young men dressed in girls’ clothes. Miss Worth, our Cleveland acquaintance, dressed as a Japanese girl. There was a card girl, her dress covered with playing cards, a brigand, etc. They appeared in the Salon, Smoking Room and at Marconis [sic].

The captain showed us a number of wireless messages from New York received by way of two steamers bound for Europe, which passed us this afternoon. We made out our list for the customhouse and handed it to the stewart. Elizabeth passed some hours with us. Emily’s foot is improving, but she still is anchored to the chair. You see I am quite nautical by expressions.

To bed at 10 o’clock.

North German Lloyd. Bremen.
Duchess Cecilie, a school ship.

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