Wien, June 3, 1909

At 10 o’clock, Tante Kinski called with her cousin Fritsch’s daughter, Rosa, a pretty “Wiener Kind” of 24 years, and she and Emily went downtown “shopping.” Tanta Kinski advised us to go to an Exposition of articles in memory of the battle of Aspern 1809 in which Erzherzog Karl gained a victory over Napoleon, the first one gained by any one over the mighty Emperor.

Here we saw the grand old carriage which was used by Napoleon when he was crowned as Emperor in 1805, and later on this same carriage was used by Kaiserin Elizabeth when she was married to Franz Josef, the present Emperor of Austria.

Napoleon’s carriage, 1905, at Vienna Exposition, 1909.

Tante showed us a large painting by Kraft of the battle of Aspern, which as been brought from the Invaliden haus. It occupies the space of the entire wall and is very fine. Besides this we saw old uniforms, Napoleon’s hat, the order of Maria Theresia (a beautiful star of diamonds with a maltese cross in the center and many other interesting relics of the time of Napoleon, also pictures of his marriage to the Austrian Princess and articles of her toilet, etc.

Here we wrote a postal, which I hope has been received by you. In the evening, we were joined by Alfred, your cousin, and we all went to the Prater, the largest Public Park of Vienna. Formerly used as a “Chasse” (hunting ground) by the Imperial Family, but given to the city in 1776 by Emp. Joseph II.

The part of it known as the Volks or Wurztle Prater is the favorite haunt of the humbler classes, especially on Sunday and holiday afternoons, and abounds in suitable attractions. We took our supper in one of the many restaurants, and, after that, the girls went sightseeing.

At about 10 o’clock, we decided to go home, but looking at some of the attractions such as Merry Go Round, Scenic Railway, etc., took us nearly an hour. All these shows are fitted up in most gorgeous style and the “Cryers” try their best to induce you to enter. It reminded me of our Midway at the World’s Fair, but much larger. Tante called our attention to attractions which she had enjoyed when a child and which have been in “full swing” ever since, especially the Wurstle (Marionettes Theatre or Buffoon).

Vienna, the People’s Amusement Park. [Editor’s note: Handwritten note is illegible]

The Haupt Allee, or principal avenue, with a quadruple row of fine chestnut trees traverses the so-called Noble Prater, 2.5 miles in length. It is a fashionable resort in spring when many fine horses, elegant toilettes and handsome faces will be observed. Chief gala days are Easter Sunday and 1st of May.

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