Hirschberg & Dresden, June 30, 1909

The happy days have passed and we have to prepare for our departure. We have been treated with so much love and attention that it is hard for us to part, and we have persuaded cousin Josef to let Aennchen go with us to Dresden to stay until Saturday. She is a dear young lady, and Emily and she had their picture taken in Tyrolese costume.

Emily Jacoby in her Tyrolese costume.

Josef‘s carriage drove up at 1 o’clock and, together with cousin Marie (Josef’s wife), we drove to Hirschberg, an old town with 18,000 inhabitants.

Hirschberg. Warmbrunner Square.

Here we took a train for Goerlitz, where we changed cars. It began to rain, and we could not see much of the scenery. We passed through Bautzen, quite an important town, and arrived at Dresden about 7 and went to the Drei Raben for supper. It rained so much that we could not go anywhere, but we had a look at some of the stores and went to bed early.

No mail, although I ordered it forwarded from Berlin, and so I suppose it is somewhere with Adolf or perhaps Cook’s.

Good-bye, God bless and keep you. All send love.

Dresden. King John Road.

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