Dresden, July 1, 1909

Dresden. Ref. [Reform?] Church. Landständ Bank. New Town Hall.

This has been a rather uneventful day for us. It has been raining more or less, and we have had to make use of the Iroschke [sic]. They have them first and second class in this city, and a ride costs, by distances, from 12 1/2¢ up. It comes to about 75¢ an hour and is very reasonable, I think.

There are a good many Americans and English in this city, and I do not wonder at it as it is, in spite of its size, a very quiet and beautifully laid out city. Aside of this, you have the galleries and good music.

I went to the Dresden Bank to get some money and met a man who mentioned that some people are hard to please and that he had met a man from Columbus, Miss., who seemed to be very much disgusted and wanted to get back to good old Miss. Of course, I asked him the name and he said Lathrop, I think. I guess Aunt Sophie knows him. He said it looked as if the Mrs. was running things!

I had heard from Grace that one of our Barbarossa people, Mr. Harry Jack, was down with the typhoid fever at Dresden, and, as I did not have his address, I went to the Police headquarters, who gave it to me in a minute. Everybody who enters a city or village in this country is registered, and you can easily locate a man. They told me that he left on the 22nd, and this proved to be the case when I called at the house where he had stopped.

Nothing doing at Cooks when I called. The girls, Emily and Annchen, went to the gallery, Grune Gewolbe, etc., and joined us at the Drei Restaurant where we had a good supper, for very little money. You can get a dish of good meat for 25¢ and vegetables for 7 1/2¢ a dish and plenty of it.

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