Dresden & Berlin, July 3, 1909

Dresden. Post Office.

Our last day at Dresden. I took Annchen to the depot at 10 o’clock and saw her off. She was so grateful for the nice time we gave her, but we enjoyed her company too. She is a very sweet and appreciative girl.

Our train left in the afternoon and we took our Henkersmahlzeit [Hangman’s meal] in the Drei Raben. Here is one of the mottos which I saw on the wall:
“Das Wasser ist zu jeder Zeit
Die groesste aller Gottesgaben
Mich aber lehrt Bescheidengeit
Man muss nich stets vom Besten haben.”
[Editor’s note: a very rough translation would be:
The water is always any time
The greatest of all divine gifts,
But teaching me modesty
You don’t have to always have the best]

We traveled in company of two ladies from Canada, and we arrived in Berlin in time, making only one stop on the trip of 120 miles and covering about 45 miles an hour, which I call very nice traveling.

We rode to the hotel and were welcomed by the outfit and shown two very nice rooms on the first floor facing a nice, quiet side street. Cousin Josef recommended this hotel to us, where he stops when in Berlin, and, as they had nothing empty on the third from my price three marks (75¢) a person, they gave us these rooms.

We are within a block of the “Unter den Linden” and our Ambassador (Dr. Hill) lives on the corner. I could not resist the temptation to take a walk out to the “Unter den Linden.” We are about opposite Cooks office and within a few blocks of the Brandenburger Thor.

Hotel National, Berlin NW.
Unter den Linden (Boulevard)
Russian Embassy

I wish to get this off, so I must close. There is a big bunch of mail here for us. Your Bremen letter and all the Berlin Poste Restante mail. Cousin Adolf is with Cousin Max in the Harz. The latter is very rich. Cousin Bernhard Jacoby’s son, Herman, is going to be our guide. You know him. I dropped him a line and I expect to see him in the morning.

Good Bye,     Dad

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