Berlin, July 4, 1909

This Sunday and the glorious fourth. Herman Jacoby, son of Bernhard J. called, and placed himself at our disposition. We took breakfast at the hotel and all went to church service.

After that we walked to the Tiergarten and walked up and down the Sieges Allee (Avenue of Victory) containing 32 marble statues of Prussian rulers, erected at the expense of the German Emperor.

Berlin W., Avenue of Victory. West side.

We also saw the Berlin Roland and the Sieges Saule, 200 feet in height. It stands on a circular terrace which is approached by 8 steps of granite. The massive square pedestal is adorned with reliefs in bronze. Some mosaics illustrate the restoration of the German Empire. Above, in the flutings of the columns, are placed three rows of captured Danish, Austrian and French cannons, 60 in all. The summit consists of a capital formed of eagles crowned with a Borussia, 48 feet high. You can go up to the capital, 152 feet, but we did not attempt it.

Berlin. Victory Column.

We also saw the Reichstag Gebande (Hall of Imperial Diet) with an immense glass Dome bearing a lantern encircled with columns and surmounted by an imperial crown. The space for an inscription over the main entrance is still bare as the emperor and the Diet. could not agree on the wording of the inscription.

At the corners are four towers on which are figures typifying different industries and occupations of the German people. Above the door is a figure of St. George with the figure of Bismarck. The Brandenburg Tor which is at the west end of Unter den Linden and forms the entrance to the town from, the Tiergarten was erected in 1789. It has five different passages through the center, one of which the emperor alone is permitted to drive.

Berlin W. Brandenburg Gate.

It is surmounted by a Quadriga of Victory which was stolen by Napoleon I and taken to Paris, but subsequently brought back by the victorious German Army.

There are two fine statues at the head of the Tiergarten (which, by the way, covers 600 acres of ground right in the heart of the city). One of these is of Frederick Wilhelm III and the other of Queen Louisa.

Near the Reichstags Gebande rises the National Monument of Bismarck, colossal bronze figure of the “Iron chancellor,” stands upon a granite pedestal which is surrounded by four groups, Atlas bearing a Globe, Siegfried forgoing the sword, Constitutional Authority trampling upon Sedition and Statecraft seated on a sphinx.

We had a nice quiet dinner at the hotel and, while there, the two Miller boys (whom we met in Vienna) from St. Louis, who are staying here, called and took a cup of coffee with us. Together we took a walk to the Ausstellungs Park, where we enjoyed the music given by a military band.

Home in good time and to bed.

Berlin C. Overall view of the Town Hall Tower.

Berlin. Main portal of the Berlin art exhibition in the state Exhibition Park.

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