Berlin, July 5, 1909

I spent the morning writing letters and we all went to the Friedrichs Strasse to one of the large Restaurants, I think, the Spatenbrau for dinner, took the car to Charlottenburg, which now is a part of Berlin. Here is a Royal Palace erected by the renowned architect Schluter in 1695, but not occupied by any member of the royal family.

Berlin C. Royal Castle. Palace Square.

The pleasant Palace Garden which was laid out by the eminent French landscape gardener Le Motre in 1695 is a beautiful spot. Passing through an avenue of pines, we reached the Mausoleum where Queen Louisa and her husband Frederick William III repose together with their second son, Emperor William the Great, and the Empress Augusta. The recumbent figures of the four executed in marble resting on sarcophagi are very impressive, and a blue dim light brings out the work in its full beauty.

We took the underground railway home. This road is partly underground and partly elevated. Wherever it is above ground, the iron structure is carried out in an artistic manner with pretty columns on the street corners and trees planted along the iron pillars. In this manner, the road is rather an ornament than an ungainly sight as it is in New York. They know how to do things in this country, and the government forces them to do them in such a manner that it improves the looks of the streets.

We took supper at Kempkinski’s, a well known restaurant fitted up in grand style where you can get the best for the least money. We had made an appointment with Bernhard Frank, a brother in law of Max, and he had reserved a table for us, which is necessary as the place is always crowded.

After supper we went into one of the many Berlin Restaurants where they have concerts up to four o’clock in the morning, but we managed to get home by 12 o’clock.

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