Berlin, July 6, 1909

It is hard to get up and started before 10 o’clock, and that’s where you had the advantage over us, for I suppose that you were out and sight seeing by 9 o’clock.

We went to the “Dom” (cathedral), a huge structure in the Italian renaissance style built in 1894 to 1902. It is at the head of the Lustgarten, and owing to its lofty dome, is one of the distinguishing features of any general view of Berlin. It is about 400 feet in length by 262 feet in breadth.

Castle Bridge, Museum, Cathedral.

The Church proper, which is entered by the lofty Main Entrance, is situated beneath the dome, which is 102 feet in diameter. There are special galleries for the court, the ministry, the choir, and the magnificent Organ (of carved oak).

The windows are a “New departure.” They are painted and etched, and the necessary color effects are produced by three thicknesses of glass. There are no lead lines, but each window is subdivided by muntins, and each space seems to be about 2 feet by 3 feet in a sheet, no scroll of any kind, but just the picture.

The Nativity, the Crucifixion, and the Ascension. Above these three are Oriels in the center, one an angel holding up the Cup.

On the pews, I read the names of many prominent men and families. On the north side is a Memorial Chapel with monuments and sarcophagi and a staircase leading to the Hohenzollern Burial Vault to which the existing coffins (87 in number) of members of the reigning family are to be transferred.

We witnessed the “Mounting of the guard” in the palace and listened to the music which the accompanying band renders in the Lustgarten. We then went to Herzogs, a business similar to our Scruggs, V. & B., which was in existence when I was here 40 years ago, and we bought a white waist for each of us women (two). Lunch at another one of these Friedrichs Strasse restaurants, I think, Tucker, and a nap.

Dr. E. Miller called, and together we went to the Rheingold for supper and concert. This restaurant is beautifully decorated in the interior and the Kaisersaal is a wonderful place. Prices very reasonable. To bed in good time, i.e., before morning.

Editor’s note: Scruggs Vandervoort and Barney was a St. Louis department store.


Interior [Onyx Hall] of Weinhaus Rheingold, a large restaurant designed by Bruno Schmitz near Potsdamer Platz in Berlin-Tiergarten. [Editor’s note: Weinhaus Rheingold was destroyed in World War II.]



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