Berlin, July 7, 1909

Up at our usual time, and while Herman and Emily went to the palace, which I have seen 40 years ago, Mama and I sat on a 6 pfennig (1 cent) chair in the Lustgarten and waited for the mounting of the guard and the music. The confounded leader played “Home Sweet Home,” with variations. Think of that—wouldn’t that jar you? It was even too much for the heavens, and it poured down. But we managed to get into the inevitable, rather “Always on the spot” restaurant for lunch.

Thence to the home of Bern. Frank, whose wife is at some watering or health resort. He has a very pretty flat and many of the old family heirlooms. We had a cup of coffee, strawberries and cream, etc., with him.

Walked by the house where Max lives, which is closed up as he and cousin Adolf are in the Harz. Took supper in the Siechen Kneipe, which was jammed full to overflowing. We sat right near to the place where you sat a year ago.

Home in good time and to bed.

Old Palace of Prussian King and German Emperor William I, the corner windows.

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