Berlin, July 8, 1909

Out bright and early. We took our usual walk up “Unterden Linden” to the Schloss opposite of which we saw the Nationale Monument to Emp. William I which is an imposing work representing the emperor on a horse led by the Genius of Peace.

At the four corners of the base are Victories and on the two principal sides are War and Peace. The monument is enclosed on three sides by a colonnade, ending in corner pavilions which bear colossal bronze quadrigae.

In the Schloss Platz is the Schloss Brunnen, a monumental fountain bearing a figure of Neptune, surrounded by figures representing the rivers Rhine, Oder, Elbe and Vistula.

On the South side of the Schloss Platz are the Royal Stables, where we were admitted at 11:30 and, together with about 70 people, we were shown around. We saw some fine horses each one in a neat stall, and matting lead all along the passages. In the second story, we saw all the royal carriages. The Krönungswagen (wedding and coronation carriage) stands in all its glory in the center of a large high hall. We were also shown the old sleighs and park wagons used by former Kings and Kurfürsten [electoral prince].

From here we went into the Zenghaus (arsenal), one of the best buildings in Berlin, begun in 1695. It is a square structure, each side of which is 295 feet in length, enclosing a quadrangle 125 feet square. Above the portal is a medallion portrait of Frederick I in whose reign the building was erected. In the court are very fine “Heads of expiring warriors” on the keystones of the window arches.

On the ground floor are weapons of all kinds, cannons of all ages, and many of them captured by the Prussians in their numerous wars. Also tattered flags and models of battle fields. On the second floor are some fine mural paintings of the important victories in the history of Prussia. They are in what is called the Hall of Fame.

From here, we went to dinner and home to rest up for the evening which we spent at Kroll’s. This formerly was one of the most celebrated gardens in Berlin. We took a late supper at the Rheingold and home to rest up for to-morrow.

Graf Zeppelin in Berlin

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