Berlin, July 9, 1909

Mr. Grosse who married a sister of Rob. Baur’s wife, a Griesedick, called and took us all to dinner at the Kaiser Keller, a very fine restaurant with rooms fixed up in old style fixtures as a Rathstube, Schiffersaal etc.

We then took train to the Zoological Garden, which contains one of the finest collections of animals of the world. We were walking along from the car to the gate when a man jumped out of a restaurant and nearly fell all over us. It was Will K. Roth from St. Louis, who landed a few days ago and is a very homesick and nervous man. He went with us, and we listened to a concert and saw the monkeys and other wild and tame beasts.

For supper, we went to Ashinger’s, who also owns the Rheinhold and some 48 restaurants in Berlin. The one we went to on the Friedrich’s Str. has rooms in 4 stories, and all the windows are executed in fine Art Glass. Meals are very cheap here, and it seems hardly possible for the landlord to furnish them at such a low price, but they do it and get rich.

Everybody seems to be eating and drinking and listening to music all the time. Bro. Roth is very excitable, and I do not see how a trip like this can do him any good.

We went to bed in good time, and I must close this for it is time for me to go to bed. Good night and God bless you.


Kaiser Wilhelm on the command bridge.

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