Lugano and Remismuhle, October 10, 1909

Lake Lugano and the town of Melide

We decided to go home. We are becoming restless and Remismuhle seems nearer home. Again the sun was shining and, at 11 o’clock, we took the train. We passed through groves of Walnut and Chestnut trees loaded with nuts. Stone seems to be cheaper than wood here for the fences are made of stone slabs which serve in the place of wooden planks.

After leaving Bellinzon, a pretty town, we traversed beautiful scenery richly wooded with walnut and chestnut trees, and, from the cliffs opposite to us, we could see several cascades, one of which, the veil like fall of the Critiasca, was especially fine.

Near Rodi we came to one of the most curious parts on the line. The Platifer mountain here juts into the valley and descends into a series of falls through a wild gorge to a lower region of the valley.

At Airolo, we entered the St. Gotthard tunnel and, after passing through it, we came to Goeschenen thence the scenery became familiar to us.

Reached Zürich at 5:10, took supper at the depot and by the next train to Remismuhle where we arrived at eight, welcomed at the station by Tante Lenchen and Alfred. You may rest assured that we were glad to be home again

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