Remismuhle, October 11, 1909

Packing day. Our duds have been scattered all over the three rooms, and so we had to gather them in and divide and subdivide, in short, do all those things which are necessary when you wish to get much into a small space.

We took leave of Maja as Tante Lenchen is going along, and Alfred is to leave on the same train with us tomorrow bound for Karlsruhe, where he will continue his studies.

We all attended a rehearsal of the great Symphony Concert. The large hall of the Tonhalle was filled with lovers of music, and the numbers were given just the same as they will be rendered tomorrow. Admission is almost as high, too. It is really “The Concert,” too, for the demand for seats is so great that it could not be filled in one performance.

The hall itself is a very fine one decorated in white and gold with an even floor and a gallery on each side and one in the rear. The musicians are seated on an elevated platform, some 158 of them, similar to Thomas’ Orchester. The music rendered was excellent, and we all enjoyed it. We stop at the Pelican Hotel, a pretty nice place.


Editor’s note: I can’t know for sure, but I wonder if this small flower pressed into the album pages at the end of the Remismuhle postcard section came from Maja, who was fond of gathering blossoms.

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